Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life's Matter of Relationships

Life as a foundation is a matter of relationships from within and as which, a seed may - depending upon the Equality its relationships or Ecosystem - grow and flourish or wither and die. The Equality of the relationships define and determine the nature of everything within and as the Foundation of Life, be it Eco-Logical or the current Eco-No-Me.

Earth within and as the Solar system is a prime example of a foundation of Life that has for aeons unconditionally provided the opportunity for Life flourish within and as its Ecosystem. Yet when we as the human-seed entered into the Equation, the Equality of the relationships changed, and the Blight spread across the Land.

Key here, to understanding a point of Life, is to realize that it's All in and as the Relationships, our acceptances and allowances, that determine the nature of who we are and what we are becoming. Equalize the Relationships, and we equalize Life. Add the Principle of “What is best for All” to the Equation, and we begin to Evolve.

All human relationships are (in one way or another) defined and determined by Money; accordingly, Money is the determining factor of the quality of Life on Planet Earth, and herein lies the cause of the current devolution Life. In short, the quality of our relationships is Evil. We as mankind, humanity, and now the human Race (to change before it's too late) have given value unto our relationship/idea/concept of Money/Mind, over and above our relationship to and as the Life that is Physically here. In essence, we have reversed ourselves to an extreme demur of “Mind over Matter”; thus giving our energetic experiences Value over and above the Matters of the physical reality.I mean, how often do you see plants blowing-upmountain-tops in search/desire of something precious inside that can be converted into money to buy some happiness even just for a short time; or animals drilling deep down into the earth to suck its blood dry in exchange for some Money/Love/Happiness? These are not metaphors; they are actual depictions of what we as human beings have become, vampire consumer zombie parasites that suck the life-blood from everything including ourselves for the sole purpose of sustaining our Mental relationships within and as the illusion that, “As long as you're Happy My Dear, nothing else Matters.” It's a disconnect from reality on an individual and global level.


  • Humanity's relationship/valuation of Mind/Money/Energy over and above Life/Physicality has resulted in the Evolution of Mind/Money, and the Devaluation of Life/Physicality.

Possible Solution:

  • As Life is Relationships, and Money is that which define human beings' relationships, why not simply realign the value of Money to the value of Life so that all relationships are brought to Equal standings?

The implementation of this part of the EM plan might come under the heading, Software Upgrade. Currently the entire system is so skewered with different definitions/values of Money – cash, plastic, metal, physical, non physical, etc. – that, abuse has become the Rule instead of the exception. What Equal Money will do is reset the Value of Money to the Value of Life. Accordingly, as Life is an absolute, as in – the only value is the value of Life, the room to abuse will be extensively curtailed. An hour of work/labor anywhere will be worth exactly the same as an hour of work/labor everywhere. It will be like overlaying the skewered relationship/Money lines of the old system, with new lines, absolutely defined within and as the Equality of Life. Does this mean that money will be placed on equal footing with life? No, it is purely to be used as an organizational and accounting tool. “Money thus becomes the management and accounting tool to assess and organize resources, ensuring that everyone is provided for equally and granted access to all services and goods required to live in a efficiently functioning global environment. Consequently within this global environment, the human is placed into the position of benevolent benefactor in the construction of ecosystems.”1

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Equal Money and some Real Change

Historically speaking,   change has usually been defined “For us” in  the lines  of the Revolution, hypocritical politicians, and misinformation of the Corporate media. And, as long as the consumers were kept well fed, few seemed to notice or care that the change for the “better” was being applied to an ever decreasing minority, while the change for “the worse” was being levied on the ever increasing majority. Point being: that which we have in the past defined as “change” was not real change, because as a whole, nothing changed, it just got worse; we have not Evolved, and this is a fact backed-up by the Present physical reality of this planet and all its inhabitants. Now, we have begun the process on the path to be and become Real Change, that which is best for All, Evolution.

It's interesting how when something bad happens to us, we'll take to the streets to protest and demand change; yet when the bad falls upon someone else, we all too often just ignore. Take for example the austerity measures (read deletion of wealth) currently being imposed in various places throughout the world. The people in the streets, the ones who are now directly affected by an abusive system are in large-part the same ones who once ignored. Where were they/we when the same abuse was happening to our counterparts on the other side of the world; nowhere to be found because with ignorance comes hope that as long as we don't look at the bad, it may just pass us by, or so we pray. Then suddenly when we least expect it, the badness comes crashing through our doors, and just like that we're out on the streets. Angrily, we demand and plead for our rights. But it's too late because just as we once ignored the plight/rights of others, so to will ours now be ignored, not as punishment, but as a last resort so that we may finally understand the shoes of another.

Notice how the phrase, “4.8 billion people living at or below the poverty line...” apparently/probably (as with me) doesn't really affect you. This is because we're not yet one of the ever-increasing majority living/surviving/dying at or below the poverty line; it's out of sight, so it's out of mind, and this is the way the current system is designed to hide the negative. You see, the System doesn't want you to see what's really going on, because if you really understood what was happening behind the scenes, you might actually stand up, demand and become real Change. From just about any Internet-chart showing the widening wealth gap, it's clear that it's just a matter of time before the size of the forgotten masses becomes so large that ignorance will no longer be possible. Anarchy and chaos will likely ensue, as segments of the system come crashing down.

Hope will not turn this world around; us taking self-responsibility for all that is here will. Remember that we are the system; we are everything that is here, so we also have the ability/responsibility to change what is here. Prevention in the form of immediate action, NOW is our best option, and here we are uniquely suited to use our imaginations to place ourselves in the shoes of another, and then do for them/All what you would have done unto and for you if you were standing in their shoes. Stand and Support Equal Money. 

In every Right is Responsibility. What are our current abilities? Recalling the image we constructed in our imagination of the World System, it is perhaps clear that the action/inaction of each person, influences all individually and as a whole, and nowhere is this more clearly represented than in the flow or currency of Money. Think of it like this: if the whole is composed of three equal points, yourself (A) and two others (B and C), your view/perspective of yourself, B and C as the whole is going to be defined and determined by your-self and the other two. By drawing money/relationship lines from each point to each other (to form a triangle), we see that whatever each point does or doesn't do (with or for Money), equally defines and thus determines the shape/nature of the whole; hence one's Ability to participate "in the decision-making process" is also one's Responsibility to participate.

A challenge or small change we might consider, is to each time we purchase something, Consider the impact of the money that we spend. Trace the relationship lines as far down as your imagination will go, and simply estimate how that purchase is defining/determining the nature of the whole; herein we begin to see how every cent we spend, indeed has an impact. I (as A) am the consumer; B is the producer, and C is the nine-year-old child working 16 hours a day in B's Bangladesh sweatshop. Now, do I  really need a new shirt?

It's late in the Day; yet we do still have a window of opportunity. Thanks to technology, especially the Internet as the Global Mind, we are able to unite from near and afar, making Equal Money an Internet accessible project in which one is able to be both monitor and participant. The political legitimacy to implement Real Evolutionary change – change for the betterment of All – will not come from the Government above, nor will it suddenly materialize because we are in the moral right. No one can give us the self-governing traits of self honesty/responsibility in equality for and as what is best for all; we must become it. One's responsibility is always just a matter of taking the next step, and as always the opportunity is right Now.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Equal Money and The Political Process

Although Politics, in its traditional role will no longer Be in Equal Money, it's important to understand the workings of the current political processes: firstly to realize why it is necessary to redesign the entire system, and secondly so as to facilitate the implementation of EM while still working within the current political system. In other words, until we have changed the political system from within, we will have to work with what is here. Currently, what is here is a mockery we call Representative Democracy.


The mockery called Representative Democracy

In studying the past and current state of the USA, Poster-child of Representative Democracy, it's overwhelmingly clear that there has never been government of the people, by the people and for the people. In fact, everything the political system does is driven by and from the starting point of Money. While the Military Industrial Complex-system use force and fear to secure the physical resources, the pharmaceutical Industrial-Complex pushes pills on consumers poisoned by the Food Industrial Complex-system, and so on the cycle goes. From the opium fields of Afghanistan to the oil fields of Iraq; once secured, the physical resources are then transferred into money to power the system. In short, Representative Democracy has never been government of the people, by the people, for the people, because “the People” have never had “the Money” to buy the Representatives. That privilege has always been reserved for a select few. The current state of Money politics and world affairs is a death sentence for the planet, a ring of fire that's getting smaller and smaller.


Equal Money and Direct Democracy

We have arrived at crossroads: the world economy or Money System is in the process of imploding; wars and rumors of war abound, and the illusion of representative democracy is fast fading into the reality of Debt slavery. So it's up to us; we got ourselves into this mess; let's work together and get ourselves out of it. Abraham Lincoln once said that, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from Earth.” Unfortunately, no one seemed to notice that this statement was and still is a contradiction of terms. Specifically, anything done “of the people, by the people, for the people” is in itself an act of self-determination or Direct Democracy which invalidates the use-of and need for the corrupter of the statement, government. We are able to correct Abe's oversight, by simply replacing “Government” with “Direct-democracy.” Our statement now reads: Direct Democracy of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from earth.


As, we Abdicated our right to self-governance, it's not just going to be handed back to us; we have to earn it, not by the occupation, boycotts or revolutions, but our overwhelming participation in the current Democratic system of one man/woman, one vote. In other words, by using what is here as the Democratic process, we move into the system, step by step, changing it equal to and as our stand within it – from the within to the without.


The following Bill of Rights is being put forth by The Equal Life Foundation. It's not the first draft, and it probably won't be the last. What it is, is another step in the process of changing the system from the within to the without. It's a process that is and will continue to be open for All to participate.


Bill of Rights


The Equal Life Foundation has been established by a global community consisting of people from many cultures from around the world. The Equal Life Foundation was created to bring forth the awareness and understanding that all life stands equal to all other aspects of life. This is premised on the fact that all living beings have and hold the inherent rights to and of life, equal by and for every living being, all as equal to each other without the illusions of separation and hierarchy, or impaired by the overlays of manmade systems and constructs of the mind. The common ground of all beings is the equal life force that each has, holds and retains. The inherent right of all living beings is the right to a life that is well-founded on the fundamental principles stated here as the foundation of Equal Life, recognized as essential to all beings and hereby declared as a Bill of Rights inherent to all, exclusive to none. The foundation of this Bill of Rights is practical application, whereby every being is guaranteed to have a life worthy of living in practical terms, so that survival and sustainability are a given that all beings have, share and hold, upon which a fulfilling life of value is equally available to one and all.


The Equal Life Foundation recognizes the Equal Right to Life as the first Inherent and Unalienable Right of Every Human Being endowed with the Breath of Life and Herewith Declares that an Equal Life Right Shall Include for all Living Men, Women and Children


  1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.

  2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

  3. An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced with freedom of expression and lived within an environment of creativity and joy so that every Child grows into his or her utmost potential as a unique expression of Life Itself.

  4. An Equal Housing Right that assures every being and every family a stable home environment that is nurturing and supportive of life, properly founded within communities that assist and support a life of dignity and integrity.

  5. An Equal Education Right that supports every individual in his or her pursuit of excellence and fulfillment of potential, supporting intellectual development and practical applications thereof to contribute their lives as relevant to a sustainable Earth that enhances Life for all participants.

  6. An Equal Land Right that places every living being on the land they choose to call their home, where living bodies walk upon the soil from which their lives are nourished and sustained, that provides both security and sustenance, that engages with the animal and plant kingdoms in interactive concert that becomes harmonious with the life force of all beings and all of life equal as one.

  7. An Equal Right of Free Association that provides a social and economic milieu that is dynamic, interactive and free of constraints, out of which new ideas, concepts, technologies and productivity that enhance and advance what is best for all can emerge with the understanding that such association does not limit the first Fundamental Human Right – namely an Equal Life Right for all or any of the Rights flowing from this Right.

  8. An Equal Right to Research, Technology, and other scientific endeavors and practical manifestations that are freely applied first to the remediation and rebalancing of the physical environments and ecosystems of the earth, sky, rivers and oceans, returning the planet to dynamic equilibrium out of which shall emerge a thriving global community of advancement and integration for what is best for all life and all beings, insuring the highest possible living conditions and standards for all humanity and all life as a whole.

  9. An Equal Right of Access to natural, financial, scientific and intellectual resources, so that all have free and unencumbered access to fundamental building blocks of life and sustainability, along with free and unencumbered access to whatever is required to pursue careers of excellence that advance the planetary community into new realms of life enhancing technologies, inventions and innovations.

  10. An Equal Right to Peace, Abundance and Prosperity, free of threat of harm, violence or destruction, where life is upheld as the highest value and every choice, every act, every deed and every thought is directed by each and every living being towards that which is best for all, so that all may live as whole and integral beings within the larger whole of All Life in harmony with existence as Life Itself within and as a sustainable balance with the living fabric of all life on Earth.

  11. An Equal Right of Self-Governance without external controls of artificial government to impair and control the life force of society and every component part thereof. Such right of self-governance shall be integrated with the larger whole of social and constitutional forms that uphold the integrity of the greater whole, so that a true form of republic governance in which every individual is supported and defended in his or her right to an equal life by the whole social and political structure, with every right vigorously defended and the social integrity for all is never impaired.

  12. An Equal Right of Freedom of Conscience and Moral Integrity, that supports for all a life that is lived unfettered by constraints of psychological and emotional manipulation, a life that is free to express itself without inhibition or fear of retribution, a life that is free from the fear of lack and limitation.

  13. An Equal Right to Monetary Integrity with a parity system that starts with the building blocks that one unit of value is equal to one unity of measure, thereby insuring that no man, organization or institution can manipulate the monetary and financial systems to their own self-aggrandizement to the detriment of what is best for all, so that such an integrated, balanced and equal system supports and enhances trade, enterprise, circulation and value retention as fundamental in a global economic system that serves Life.

  14. An Equal Right to Spiritual Equilibrium so that every faith that supports equality for all Life is seen and sustained as equal and one with life itself, where spirit is understood as the inspiration of the in-breath and out-breath of every being, and Life itself as a whole, and undivided principle shared by all as and within what is best for all, where this does not in any way diminish the first Basic Human Right of an Equal Life for All.

  15. All Equal Rights of Life are founded upon the principle that all Living Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life, such assurances to be fulfilled by having the necessities of life such as proper nourishment, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge and education, training for fulfilling capacities to support and sustain their lives and their families, to be integrated within their social, economic, familial, community, cultural, national and global relationships so that all may, equal as one, stand together to make manifest this basis of Equal Life for All as the most fundamental Equal Right.

  16. The Equal Right of future generations to receive a living planet free of pollution, disease, hunger, violence and destruction so that life shall endure and thrive into eternity now and forever.


The Equal Life Foundation Champions the Following as

Supportive and Enhancing to the Equal Life Bill of Rights


  1. The Equal Money System as a starting point in which life is the value, not the commodity or the resource, starting with the unit of value of life that each being has and holds; in an Equal Money System there shall be no monetization of life force as a commodity to be banked, bonded and controlled, diminished by interest, taxation and inflation. In the Equal Money System all commodities, resources and economic functions are applied to what serves life as best for all.

  2. Promotion of Reason and Logic that investigates practical applications and solutions for the introduction and implementation of the Equal Life Constitution and Bill of Rights for all beings and all life.

  3. Desteni (www.desteni.org) as a Global Society bringing forth tools, education and practical understanding to free the individual (and hence the society as a whole) from psychological control, fear and oppression, opening up the first Equal Right of Humanity which is to provide a path from fear into freedom.

  4. The practical building blocks of Desteni as Self-Forgiveness, Self-Applied Corrective Applications and Self-Directive Principles of Life.

  5. The principle of Basic Animal Rights so that all living species on the planet have a Life of support, respect and happiness as Equal co-inhabitants of Planet Earth.

  6. The principle of protection of the environment, ecosystems, and the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, so that the inherent life-support system of the entire planet is maintained and defended as essential to the fulfillment of the Equal Life Bill of Rights, based on the recognition that the fabric of life is one integrated tapestry in which the one is equal to the whole, and the whole is neither greater or lesser than every component part.

  7. All ways that will ensure the effective protection of the First Basic Human Right as an Equal Life Right for all standing alive today and for all generations to come


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The New World Order: Perception vs Reality

There is an enormous gap between the physical reality and our perception of it; so enormous that we may even be perceiving ourselves from the inside looking out, like a hole in One in reverse.

Everyday, we are bombarded by so much external stimuli that we end up filtering-out or interpreting the information picture to suit whichever suit we happen to be wearing. Who knows what's really happening on the other side of the world? Does it even matter as long as we believe we have No power to change it? The power is ours to change the system. We simply require to step up and take self responsibility for ourselves and all as us.

For example: If there are five groups in the world, two pull left and two pull right, which group gets to decide the direction of the world? This is the world-wide situation in which we currently find ourselves, divided and conquered in left/right paradigms, through our acceptance and allowance of a form of Democracy that does not have as its foundation, Equality within and as what is best for All. Before you go blaming a small group of Elite for the current state of this world, ask yourself this: from where do those that rule, get their power? They get it from a divided humanity, many of whom would rather fight for their right to have more, in spite of themselves now having much less than they would in a world based on the Foundation of Equal Life.

The only thing new about the “New World Order” or should I say, Disorder disguised as economic development and democratic reform, is the technology behind madness. Yet it is relevant in pointing-out where the power and control still lies, in the hands of the minority, as opposed to where it should reside, equally within and as All. Key here is to realize that no one ever stole your power to determine the fate of this world; we gave it away through our acceptance and allowance of a system that places responsibility in the hands of the few, instead of where it belongs in the hands of us all. By accepting our roles as apathetic constituents and consumers, we've abdicated our power and authority unto CEO's, Presidents and Generals, and they're doing as they see fit within the guidelines of a system that caters to the demand of the consumer, for the profit of the corporation.

To stop the madness before it consumes us all, simply requires that we take back our power, and in so doing accept responsibility for All that is here. The process of change begins from within; EM is the outward platform that will provide the stability for all to join in. I will not be entitled to more than you; yet neither will anyone else be entitled to more than I. Thus when I give to All, I'm also giving to me.

Imagine what we are able to accomplish when we're all giving as we would like to receive, directing ourselves in the common goal of creating the best possible situation equally for All here on Earth. The New World Order is ours to create: which will you choose; the Old World Disorder of ignorance and greed, or a New One of Self-Responsibility, Equality within and as what is best for all?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Equal Money: What's in It for Me?

In the last post we talked about the Foundation of “Oneness and Equality within and as the principles of what is best for All.” This starting point is specific; for in striding to build perfection, it is only logical to begin with the foundation of equal standing.

What's in it for Me?

Freedom from Fear: that is what's in it for you, me and All who are willing to stand and gift unto ourselves and All, the equal opportunity to to live a dignified life. Fear – as will be explained in detail – is the the current/driver of human Consciousness, collectively projected outward from the Small to the Big, manifested as the World System of Money as the design of Power and Control.i In other words, power and control within/as the World System of Money is based on fear, represented at all levels, by the currencies of Money. At the lowest level, the fear is defined as want, need and desire for enough money to stay alive, survive in the jungle. As we move up the hierarchical class-structure of the system, the foundation of fear remains the same; yet the definition changes from the fear of not having enough, to the fear of losing what one has, interestingly defined as want, need and desire for More money to (stay in class) survive in the jungle. As we come to understand the design of the system and our roles within/as it, we will realize that we as pillars of the system, are its power source, and therefore responsible for all outflows, for better or worse. Thus will come again the Choice: continue to give up one's power unto a system that does not value Life, or stand, take back your power, and become part of the force of that which is best for All.


What will change in an Equal Money System?

Fear will be Eradicated.



Friday, April 19, 2013

The Foundation


Equal Money (EM) is a comprehensive, Earth-friendly solution that is being developed to replace the old world-system of Money – designed for power and control, with a new world-system of Equality – designed to function in the best interests of All. The basis of EM is that, all life is created equally; and as such, All are entitled to an equal opportunity to live a dignified life.

Equality and Oneness within and as the starting-point principle of what is best for All is the “only” Foundation upon which we may truly begin anew; anything less is just setting ourselves up for “another” historic fall.

Don't fret! It's not about Buddhism, Taoism, or any other philosophy or religion for that matter; it's just basic math, 1+1=2. Meaning that, no matter what you do to the equation of what is here within and as Planet Earth, the Whole as One is always equal to and determined by the sum of its parts, as above so below, as within so without... It's a shame we've taken evident truth, and thus all that would flow from and of it, and turned it into a religious catch-phrases so as to keep people from seeing (and thus taking responsibility) the key in the simplicity of what is actually here as planet, people, animals, nature...

To put the equality equation into perspective, think of it like this: If there were only two beings on Earth, the presence or action of each being would be equally represented in outflows of/as consequence for better or worse. Consequence of one-being +Consequence of another being = the outflows of Consequence of 2 beings (1C+1C=2C). Note that, no matter how many beings we add to this equation, the best case scenario for the whole and each as an equal-part of the whole, is always going to be where each-being stand/move for and as what is best for All. Herein, the principles of “give as One would like to receive”, “do unto another as One would have done”, and so on, form the basis of establishing/determining what is best for all. Just remember that, it all starts in the small, and as per the function of a system, what happens to the Whole, equally reflects unto us All. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Continuing with Systems

In the previous blog-post, we broke-down a system to “imagine” its smallest particle or “singularity,” so as to visualize the basis of a system, how each single part, regardless of its location and/or grouping within and as the whole, inescapably function equal-as-one in defining and determining the nature of the whole. In order for each singularity to optimally benefit “as all as one,” all parts must be aligned with each-other, directing themselves within/as what is best for all; accordingly, insuring the health and harmony of the whole as well as each of its parts. This is how the human physical body function, innumerable singularities within/as systems within/as the physical, functioning for and as what is best for all. Which brings us to the World-system of Money and the human effect; where did we go wrong, why are we not aligned within and as what is best for the body as a whole, best for All?