Monday, April 8, 2013

What is Equal Money

Equal Money (EM) is a comprehensive, Earth-friendly solution that is being developed to replace the old world-system of Money – designed for power and control, with a new world-system of Equality – designed to function in the best interests of All. The basis of EM is that, all life is created equally; and as such, All are entitled to an equal opportunity to live a dignified life. Within and from this starting point, people from all over the world are coming together (on the Internet), investigating the current world system, keeping what is good, and redesigning the rest. So, could this be opportunity that, “We the People” have been waiting for, a chance to create our own version of the New World Order - one in which All are supported and cared for? 


  1. a great idea, but wouldn't be easy to accomplish it; those who own their riches wouldn't give them up without fight, their morals do not fit this idea

    1. hey maskwa, you are right, it won't be easy, and many people will want to hold onto their self interest and greed and will object and reject the concept of equal money in the name of their "right" for profit and power - but, those that believe they have something to lose will be the minority, and those who are actually losing in the current system and will benefit greatly from a system that will not tolerate any form of exploitation and abuse - are the 99% - the more people see the common sense in equality, the stronger we become and the better chance we have to accomplish this goal and actually bring about a system that will support all equally.

      thanks for starting this blog thomas, it's always cool to see this point simplified - enjoy the process of writing it.